Textile cord

Utilization options

The textile inserts in the tires consist of high-quality fibers (polyamide, polyester, viscose), which are mixed with rubber dust. In a development project, KIAS has created a new application option and thereby changed the former disposal costs into a justified profit. To do so, preparation techniques were developed for the textile fibers and application options were sought for the textile fibers.

One option is use in the field of asphalt production. In addition, for example, the currently added cellulose fibers (with many disadvantages such as being water-absorbent) can be replaced by our prepared textile fibers.

However, our customers can also be found in the fields of damping materials manufacture, construction, and the automobile industry.

Customer advantages

Due to the preparation of the fibers, the customer is provided with a product with additional advantages in comparison with existing products, and he can also save up to 30% of his previous costs.

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